The History of the Lodge 



In March, 1949, a group of Past Masters and Brethren belonging to various Lodges and residing in or near Kenilworth met at the King's Arms Hotel, Kenilworth to examine the prospects of forming a New Lodge. These Brethren were anxious to foster and promote the principles and tenets of Freemasonry in the town which was rapidly increasing in population. Furthermore, Lodges in Leamington Spa and Warwick possessed full membership with a long list of applicants. 

The Masonic Rooms (Leamington Spa) Ltd., had been formulated in 1947 by Guys Lodge No. 395; Jephson Lodge No. 4336; Guys Royal Arch Chapter No. 395; and Jephson Royal Arch Chapter No. 4336. Contributions from a New Lodge would be welcomed as a means of increasing the membership of the Company to provide additional revenue towards the upkeep of the Masonic Rooms, Willes Road, Leamington Spa. 

After several meetings the preliminary work was thoroughly undertaken by the Brethren, aided by the wise counsel of W. Bro. S. Guise, P.G.D., Prov. Grand Secretary. A petition for the formation of a New Lodge, sponsored by Jephson Lodge No. 4336, and signed by the 20 Brethren concerned was presented to Grand Lodge on 27th October, 1949. The Kenilworth Lodge No. 6939 was duly consecrated on Saturday, 11th February 1950, at the Town Hall, Leamington Spa, by the then Deputy Provincial Grand Master.  

The fee for each founder was £30, the annual subscription £5.25,the Initiation fee was to be £21 and the Joining fee £10.



The Banner 

The Kenilworth Lodge Banner

Worshipful Brother G. A. J. Edmundson designed the Lodge banner which incorporated symbolic representation of Craft Masonry and the Lodge Crest. Predominant stand two great pillars firmly based upon the squared pavement and supporting the terrestrial and celestial globes, representing Masonry Universal.  The working tools are also represented as well as the Lodge crest depicting Kenilworth Castle.  Surmounting the whole is the All Seeing Eye around which the Sun's rays diffuses light, signifying time eternal. 

The design of the banner is based upon the historic castle of Kenilworth, as it at present appears and from which town the Lodge takes its name. The castle as depicted is viewed from the South East with the Echo Meadow in the foreground, and the buildings are as shown from left to right, The SaintLowe Tower, Leicester's Building and the Keep.

Several symbols representing Craft Masonry and also the Motto of the Lodge "Droit et Loyale" are embodied in the design.  The motto was formerly associated with the Arms of the Earl of Leicester.  

Mrs Edmundson was highly skilled in the art of embroidery and she very kindly agreed to undertake the task of producing a Banner to the prescribed and now approved design.  The only material used was silk, and after two years of diligent application and loving care the banner was completed and presented to the Lodge on the occasion of the Ladies Festival on 10th November 1955.  

It was dedicated at the regular Lodge Meeting on 16th January 1956 by the then Provincial Grand Master the Right Rev. W. Bro Michael Clarke M.A., Provost of Birmingham, assisted by Officers of the Provincial Grand Lodge.  W. Bro Edmundson unveiled the banner and following it's dedication there was an address of appreciation and thanks delivered by W. Bro. J. R. Ward, the first Master of the Lodge.